I haven't been blogging a lot lately. Funny, my last post indicated I needed to reduce the stress level at home, but that really wasn't what came to pass. Jen's been working very long hours and I've been wrapped up in work bullshit as well. Things are calming down now though. Jen's also nearing the end of another cycle, and her luteal phase seems intact at about 12-13 days, which is heartening.

I got into grad school - all the ones I applied to accepted me. I'm planning to attend the city school, which is the cheapest, but also where I felt most comfortable, most excited. I think I'll probably go part time and keep working full time. Ideally, Jen and i want to be able to save $750 a month, which we think we can do when Jen gets her raise, but only if I keep bringing in at least as much as I make now.

I think really, I should stay at Atlantic. I have a pretty sweet deal going on there, I like the people, I know how to do my job, I could probably get a raise, I have a ton of vacation this year, I could probably eventually move into doing some archiving work there...It could all work out neatly. But much more money, if I can get it would be very tempting. There is one possibility I'm looking into right now which involved more money AND less hours. That could be ideal...but at the same time, I'm reluctant to leave a job I pretty much dig. I just feel I should earn as much as I can before the baby comes.

We're planning to inseminate during Jen's next cycle...so that would mean that 17 days from now, we'd give it a shot. We're very excited - the only thing is we don't really have a ton of sperm to pick from at this point in time. One of the banks we'd like to use just moved, and haven't updated their donor list as they're reoorganizing. But there is one guy we like at another bank - a puerto rican college kid with dimples who studies theater and likes baking. He sounds like a small puerto rican homosexual, which endears him to me.