So I'm it now. I am to be the birth mother of our child.

I was ambivalent, we've been over that. But I got psyched. Its fun to think about.
Its not fun to go to the gynecologist.

I went for a "pregnancy planning" appointment. The doctor asked me how old I am and whether we planned to do this at home or what. I said I am 29 and that I wanted to start right up with iui, no messing around. As efficient as possible. She looked at me and was like, well, I'd think this should happen pretty quickly then, once you get started.

Awesome. Scary.

I had to go back for the pelvic exam, cause I was on day 1 of my cycle for the first visit. Second visit, I waited forrrrrever, and eventually a very nice PA came in to pinch my nipples and put things in my vagina. I realized the iui will be at least as uncomfortable as a pap, if not more. Ugh. Jen said I can take some of her valium.

The other thing they did was take blood for a variety of tests including what they term the "jewish panel." Since I have some jewish ancestry, they run these tests to make sure that I'm not carrying genetic mutations known to occur in jews. I thought they only did this for Ashkenazi jews, and that's not my ancestry, but apparently they've expanded. Anyway, I found out yesterday don't have any mutated jewish genes.

Still waiting for the other bloods, the rest of the tests they ran. I've been tracking my cycle, I'm quite regular in my ovulation. So assuming all else is well, we hope to inseminate early next year. I wish is could be sooner, but money rears its ugly, necessary head.