Callen Lorde

I've been tracking my fertility signs, things *seem* to be going normally for me, although I haven't really gotten on top of every aspect of my cycle yet. But I do ovulate, somewhere in days 8-12. I just have to get better at predicting exactly when.

AND I'm going to have help! Today I called the Callen Lorde center. Its a medical center for queers, and they rock. I had heard a while ago that they were starting up a fertility/insemination clinic, and we were psyched, but it didn't get off the ground in time for our first tries with Jen as birth mom. A stranger's blog post reminded me of the idea today, and I called to see if they had finally started up the program. And they have! And it sounds awesome! It starts with an orientation that covers everything from fertility tracking to legal issues and then they offer assistance with finding donors, storing sperm, and they'll either do the inseminations there or teach you to do home insemination. I am SO happy to find that these services are available in once place, where I feel comfortable, where I know its cool that I'm queer, where they're attuned to the ways that Jen and my pregnancy planning is different than straight people's. I feel like I just made a new best friend.

Of course, we'll see how it all shakes out. If I've learned anything from this process its that you have no fucking clue what is going to happen next and you can never assume that things will go as planned. But at least I feel like there's some structure to work with now, and medical assistance really targeted to my needs, which is honestly, just thrilling.