Jen and I had a conversation with Kevin and he officially withdrew his offer to ejaculate into a cup for us. More than that, we had discussed some sort of co-parenting option, but Kevin just doesn't feel ready for a child right now and I totally understand that. We weren't surprised by this news, but it seemed necessary for everyone to get things out in the open. The way he dealt with this, the way he's dealing with other emotional issues these days, all show me that Kevin is a great man, and will one day be a great father, if he chooses to become one. In the meantime, he's a fabulous friend, and will be a great male role model for the kids that Jen and I have.

Jen and I have been enjoying putting the horse before the cart and obsessing over baby names. We feel good about girl's names, but boys names are harder, especially considering we're going to saddle the child (and ourselves) with a 14 letter hypenated last name. We went to MOMA recently and drooled over the Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair, a vast improvement both functionally and aesthetically over traditional high chairs. Stokke makes a bunch of other awesome children's furniture but the chair is the only thing we could realistically pay for. I played Mega Millions, attempting to win the record high 370 million jackpot but didn't manage to do so. How will I ever afford all the things my theoretical baby needs?


kati said...

i totally just made a post referencing baby names! and to think i'm even further away from needing them than you are...we are closer to being in synch on boy's names, personally. maybe we should think about some other things as well :)

commenting on an older post...i am intrigued--what role DOES orgasm play in conception??

REY said...

To summarize what Jen and i read in several books, the contractions of the uterus and cervix and endorphin release that accompany female orgasm may serve to draw the sperm up into the uterus. One study found that half of women who had "dissapointing" sex retained no sperm after a sexual experience, compared to only 1 in 10 women who reported "satisfying" sex. So more satifaction = more sperm getting where they need to be.

Arousal has also been shown to reduce acidity in the vagina, making it more hospitable to sperm. Additionally regular sex apparently helps regulate fertility cycles and increase fertility.

Its hard to say exactly how this relates to a lesbian insemination situation. All of the studies and stuff relate to heterosexual sex. But still, if a relaxed, arousing sexual experience including orgasm *might* help, why not try to include that as we prepare for insemination and as part of our insemination experience? I think approaching the situation as something sexy and personal for me and Jen is also exciting to my mind, and as I said, I'm very much a mind over matter girl, so I think that will help.