new year

We did not get pregnant from the November insemination.

The holidays were completely out of control, running places to see different family members, Jen and I ended up apart for most of Christmas. It was truly horrible. The best part is that my mom saw how miserable I was, and we've made arrangements so it doesn't happen again. We'll just have to drive around like maniacs next year. Maybe if we have a baby by then we can get off the hook.

We're trying again this month. January. I feel good about it. We've learned that Jen has a pretty good grasp on her cycle now, she gets feelings about when ovulation is going to happen and the feelings are right. So she's steering the ship in terms of timing now.

We've been having totally hot sex. I wish I ejaculated sperm, cause this would be a fucking done deal.

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TeddyFrank said...

Hey Rose,
The baby a probably a good excuse to get out of family guilt, but pregnancy is even better. Everyone wants to work around the baby and not piss off the pregnant lady. I think once the baby is born, all bets are off and both sets of parents'll wanna call holiday dibs.