Jen went to the genetic counselor today. The advice was: because of the SMA and other undesirable traits or indicators on Jen's chart, she's probably not the best birth mother for our children. So... tag, I'm it!

I called and made an appointment with the same ob/gyn that Jen's been seeing. She's apparently awesome and nice, so I"m glad we're able to stick with her.

The genetic counselor suggested that I get genetically tested too...which I was sort of like, why...but then I thought about it and there's some things that yes, I probably should check for. But now, thinking about it further, its sort of freaking me out. What's inside me? Do I want to know?


Anonymous said...

Wow - how are you feeling about the switch? I hope it's a short journey from here.

REY said...

I'm actually feeling very excited and eager to get started. We've suspected this might come to pass and been discussing this for some time now, so its not out of the blue at all. I won't say I wasn't orginally ambivalent, I was. I mean, I always, since childhood, knew I wanted to carry a child, and Jen and I planned for me to be the birth mom to some of our future children. I just didn't expect it to be soon...but I realized that me feeling un-ready, was just be feeling like I wanted to retain control of myself and my body in a certain way. Which is valid, but two things come to mind...1)Even if Jen were birthing, I'd lose a lot of control over my life when we have child. I mean, shit will just be radically different no matter what. And 2) I've learned some amazing things when I've let go of a stranglehold on control...and once I looked at it that way, it got exciting. Also, 3) If there's anyone I'm willing to lose control for, its Jen, and being the mother of her child sounds extremely sexy to me.