welcom back H877!

I went to the sperm bank yesterday. To get paper, not sperm. I went to purchase the "long profile" of donor H807, a puerto rican theater student. The long profile cost 8 dollars and didn't reveal much more than the short profile which is available for free online. It is, however in the donor's own handwriting, which carries some charge even if the info is the same, I guess because we all know what "serial killer" handwriting looks like.

For the record, H807 had typically crampy, crappy guys handwriting, but nothing approaching serial killer quality. The handwritten notes did reveal that he went to Tisch, which made me wonder if he ever had a threeway with any of my Tisch friends, and that his favorite books are Catcher in the Rye and The God of Small Things, which are both respectable, if not entirely orginal. H807 seems like a solid pick.

Last night, when discussing H807, Jen asked if I had inquired at the sperm bank about H877, who we had been previously obsessed with. He is the elusive Peruvian/Italian/Chinese donor...which, as a Peruvian/Italian/Tunisian person, I am very interested in using to create my family. Also, he too studied theater (perhaps he and H807 and one of my Tisch friends all went at it together). And he likes magical realism, which I dig. However, we had been previously told that they were out of H877 and he wasn't coming back to donate anymore. But Jen pointed out that they he was still listed as available on the website...it was worth asking about.

So this morning, I called back and asked. I was told that H877 is in quarantine! This is sort of great news. Sort of. It means he donated recently. His sperm will therefore likely be livelier than some of those that have been on ice for longer. But sperm have to be in quarantine for 6 months at least. We're going to start trying in July and keep it up for the subsequent months. Will H877 get out in time? Will he be CMV negative? Will our hero be able to reach the old mill in time to save the gang?

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