I just ordered sperm.

It was weird, but also really normal. But I guess that's what made it weird, it being like ordering a dress or a book or anything out of a catalog. Its like 10 minutes later and I still feel odd. Rather disconnected from the process of this conception which is impossible, since there is no process with out both Jen and I. I guess its just another rejiggering of expectations. Ordering the sperm isn't really emotional, but at the same time its getting me really hyped for the insemination. I've never released semen into my girlfriend before!

In an attempt to remain calm Jen and I are treating this first insemination as a dress rehersal of sorts. I mean, we understand it could full well result in pregnancy, but we have a lot to work out in terms of the logistics, so this is our trial run with only 1 unit of semen. That's a mere 12.5 million motile sperms.

But what if she actually gets pregnant?! Holy fuck!

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Anonymous said...

Did you see the article in today's post about the demand for Nordic Sperm? Hope you both will get your order without any problems.