nov. aftermath/ 2nd insem.

The day after our first november insemination, we expect to see an egg eyeball (its just a picture of an egg, but it looks like an eyeball, we call it the egg eyeball) on the fertility monitor. The point of inseminating on the night of the 11th day of jen's cycle is to catch the egg that should be released on the night of the 11th day/morning of the 12th. The fertility monitor reports no egg. We see no more fertile mucous. The OPKs are no longer strong. Ferns are gone. What?

We have a fight on the subway. Jen insinuates that I pushed her into inseminating when she felt it would be better to wait. I am confused and hurt, I though we had decided together. She apologizes. I apologize. The rest of the subway cringes, disgusted by the way we throw around the term "cervical mucous."

We decide to hold off on our second insemination. Maybe its just a glitch. Maybe. Maybe. We'll wait as long as we can. Its tuesday. We can wait til friday. Maybe saturday? We'll wait and see.

We wait. We see...confusing, conflicting things. We have thanksgiving dinner. We wait some more. Friday, Jen has STRONG OPK results. Stronger than ever before. Ok. Ok. This is it. This is the surge. We'll inseminate on Saturday. Do we see fertile mucous? Some. Ok. Saturday.

We inseminate again on Saturday. We expect the egg eyeball the next day. No egg eyeball. No egg eyeball. She's on day 23 of her cycle now and fertile mucous has come again and gone again and still no egg eyeball.

I have no idea what's going on. The monitor says she didn't ovulate and other signs say she did except not conclusively enough to say exactly when, so don't know if either of inseminations was at the right time.

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