Beginning again. In earnest

Last night Jen and I went to that orientation for Callen Lorde's Alternative Insemination program. A lot of the information given was stuff we knew, since we've been around the babycrafting block a few times. But it was great to get all our knowledge confirmed, by a medical staff who is extremely enthusiatic about helping lesbians procreate. Honestly, I've never heard anyone say the word "mucous" with such joy in their voice before.

There were a few other couples at the orientation. I often wonder why it is that Jen and I don't hang out with too many other lesbians, and I always come to the conclusion that we just don't move in the same circles. Plus, the few times I did try hanging out with lesbians, some of them told me I wasn't lesbian enough and hit on my girlfriend when I was in the bathroom. Those were grad school bitches, so I'll put it down to the competitive spirit of theory, but it didn't lead to any lasting connections, that's for sure. Once in a while i think it would be nice to have some lesbians to talk about lesbianiac stuff with - but I muddle through. You can dissect the L word with gay boys, you can talk about OPKs with straight people who are trying to have babies. It all works out. Point being, its very rare that jen and I are in a room with other lesbian couples, at least a room that doesn't have happy hour specials posted somewhere.

I tried not to pay too much attention to the others, because I know me. Any time I'm supposed to be doing something serious and quiet, like church or a lecture, then all I want to do is alternately stare at everyone around me and giggle to my companion. Jen's very Mary Ingalls about it and hates it when I misbehave like this. Plus there were only like, 12 people in that room. Everyone would have known I was the total creep. So I tried to be good. But I still managed to break the zipper on my coat and mix up the papers from my packet and Jen's and get Jen to footsie me at least one time.

Some of the others were more nervous than we were. The information was newer to them, and its alot of information, and daunting. When I said I had been charting for 2 months already they were all quite impressed, which of course, I loved. It is always my goal to be the premiere lesbian.

After the presentation we signed up for our enrollment visit with Jennifer, the head of the AI program. The chick who loves mucous so much. We meet with her Feb 20 to go over my medical records, our plans for a donor, all the basics.

As we walked out into the night I turned to Jen, "My favorite thing was knowing that after it was over, we were going to talk about everything together."

She squeezed my arm.

I hesitated. I knew it was wrong, but it was important. "Plus, we were totally the cutest couple in there."

"Oh, yeah, definitely the cutest."


Jenny said...

Hi, I found your blog via the TTC section on lesbian family... and I'm glad I did, because a lot of this sounds so familiar!

My wife is expecting our first child and it has been really cool to get together with other lesbians also trying to TTC in our area. It's one of the few times that we hang out with other lesbians, and I have to say, it's different from the usual non-TTC lesbian crowd. I too have had the "must not be real lesbians" thing happen becuase we're both femme, and it annoys me to no end. It's been nice being able to talk to other people who have the same TTC issues as you do!

Anyway, I'm enjoying the blog - good luck! I hope you get a BFP soon!

REY said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I do enjoy talking to people who are sharing these experiences, its helping me learn to be less curmudgeonly. :)

kati said...

premier lesbian!!

i haven't looked at your blog in quite a while, and something reminded me of it today. i'm glad to still catch you mid-stream...so i can keep learning from what you are learning :)

we TOTALLY planned to go the clinic this month and officially declare our intent to start, draw up calendar with the ob/gyn, etc. this has been my plan since the new year (april--appt. at clinic). our plans are put on hold again because of crappy work situations and bizarre delays in grad school...

but i still want to be where you are :)

snoball said...

Hi! I found your blog googling around for more info on Callen-Lorde's insemination program. I'm already a regular patient there and didn't even know this program existed. Now that I'm thinking of becoming a mom, I'm so happy to hear that it exists. I'll ask them this week if they'll be having another orientation soon. Good luck with everything, I'll continue to follow your blog!