I dreamt the other night that Jen and I had a baby boy. We were out at dinner, talking happily about the baby when we realized that we each thought the other had arranged a sitter but neither of us had and we had left our newborn son alone, outside, and starving.

We freaked out and raced to the rooftop cafe where we had left him. He was in an infant seat, covered by a sort of baby cocoon/blanket. I saw him wave his arm and heard him cry and we laughed in relief because he wasn't dead. A waitress at the cafe saw us and snidely remarked "Yeah, laugh because your son didn't die of thirst. Hilarious."

We took him inside then, and I had to breastfeed him, he was so hungry. But I had never breastfed him before, I realized they hadn't explained how to do it at the hospital or anything. I was really worried, but I just put him to my breast and everything was fine, he got milk, he calmed down, he fell asleep.

Even asleep, I reminded myself that Jen and I would never do something a ridiculous as leaving a newborn unattended and exposed to the elements. It was a horrible dream, but somewhat reassuring.

Really too, I think it was about my fish. I hadn't changed his water in a while, it was freaking me out.

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