I have thoughts, I swear, I'm just keeping them private for the moment.

No news in particular though.


Anonymous said...

HI, I know you're not really keeping your blog anymore, but I read it back when and now that I'm TTCing decided to read it again. It was a very enjoyable read! Hope all is well there in New York (or wherever you are).

kati said...

i have a similar comment to 'anonymous' there. i found you a few years back when my wife and i were seriously considering TTC'ing and really, really loved your writing :) now, various job changes/school transfers/country shifts/residency statuses later, we're feeling a bit too old for TTC and considering adoption.

but enough about me. what i really wanted to ask is--so??

REY said...

Your comments have prompted me to continue to post. I hope you still find that I have something interesting to say and an engaging way of saying it. :)