Things were fine, we were ready for July, we set up our account at the sperm bank and everything. But then...jen had the weirdest cycle ever. She didn't ovulate until day 21, a full week later than usual! She still hasn't started her period, which means she's now on day 30 of her cycle, when she usually tops out at 24-26 days. WTF?

As we dealt with that weirdness...we realized how much fucking money we owe my mom for this Sicily trip. We're thrilled to be going and my mom is totally helping us out by covering our airfare, but we need to be saving money and lots of it over the next few months. Which means we can't afford to inseminate as much as we wanted to. That's just the reality of the situation. Which I found devestating. I am feeling slightly better realizing we can still insemenate, if on a smaller scale. I thought at first we couldn't do it at all and i was crying.

Its just been a rough week. And work is strange too. Stressful in new ways. Why is everying fine, but seeming dire?

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