I've been charting my fertility using temperatures and opks *and* a fertility monitor along with observation of my fertile mucous, of course. Everything's been pretty normal, generally I ovulate on day 12/13, and have a 12-14 day luteal phase.

Right now I'm on day 7 and I've been crazy with lust for the past 2 days. I have no idea what's going on. I wondered if maybe I was ovulating earlier than expected and did an OPK, even though I normally wouldn't think they'd be positive til day 11 at least. One yesterday afternoon and one last night and they both came out positive, hardcore. Fertile mucous abounds. But my temperature hasnt risen yet, and my monitor gave a low reading this morning. Maybe I'm ovulating today? I have some cramps and my body is basically just raging to fuck. I am struggling through the day with the help of youtube lword videos and fanfiction and pouncing on poor Jen at night. I have new sympathy for middle school boys with uncontrollable urges.

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justine said...

hey there- we're 2 girls living in brooklyn ttc. we've been wondering how things are going...you haven't posted in a while.

we just started our own blog- come visit!